Lacuna Coil are back and rock hard with the first single, 'Trip the Darkness,' off of their highly anticipated sixth studio release 'Dark Adrenaline.'

'Trip the Darkness' starts off with a beautiful mandolin, which shows off the band's Italian roots. The song quickly shifts into high gear with heavy drums and guitar riffs and rumbling bass lines.

Co-vocalist Andrea Ferro starts off the vocals by singing, "What a day / I can barely keep my eyes wide open /I don't want to see straight" in his deep, raspy and slightly Italian accented voice.

Balancing the heavy aspect of metal music with ascending, dreamy melodies have always been Lacuna Coil's specialty.

Fellow singer Cristina Scabbia instantly allures listeners with her sultry vocals by belting out the tune's very catchy chorus: "Follow me / Follow me/ As I trip the darkness / One more time / Follow me / Follow me / I awake from madness / Just in time." Her soaring vocals heighten the intensity of the song as a whole.

This best way to sum up this dark yet very poetic track is that it's almost like an Edgar Alan Poe poem put to music.

'Dark Adrenaline' is due out Jan. 24 in the U.S. As we previously reported, plans are tentatively in place for Lacuna Coil to tour with Megadeth, Motorhead and Volbeat next year.

4 Stars
Listen to Lacuna Coil, 'Trip the Darkness'

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