Lamb of God's Randy Blythe recently raised a few eyebrows when he cited the relatively lackluster returns for Marilyn Manson's 'Born Villain' album as a sign that the music industry is dying. Not everyone is in agreement with that, including a member of his own band.

In an interview with Indian-based website Tehelka, drummer Chris Adler was quoted as saying, "Randy and I don't always agree. According to me, Manson's career finished a long time ago." He went on to add that he felt that metal was still a viable industry with different variations of the genre still becoming popular. "In the end, there will be several bands left, but the copycats will die quickly. Sky Harbour is one such band."

After the story went public, Adler offered a clarification, explaining, "In a recent interview, I was asked what I thought of Randy's comments about the record industry dying based on sales numbers achieved by Marilyn Manson. My response was paraphrased, likely due to it being transcribed by hand during the interview. There were also some language issues that created a few misquotes here and there. My full response was: 'Randy and I don't see eye to eye on everything. I agree that the commerce of the music industry is in a rough spot, but I personally wouldn't look to Marilyn Manson as a barometer. That's it."

The drummer added that 'Antichrist Superstar' is still, to this day, one hell of a record and that he was blown away after seeing Manson on that tour. He concludes, "I have no interest in publicly commenting on anyone's path or career choices. Not my business. We are all in this to create art and keep food on the table. Good luck to all of us."