Lamb of God have been without drummer Chris Adler since July of last year. Art Cruz (Prong, Winds of Plague) has been sitting in for Adler, who is sidelined rehabbing injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident. Fans have been wondering when the skinsman will make his return and frontman Randy Blythe briefly commented on the matter with uncertainty.

At the Sonic Temple festival on Columbus, Ohio, Blythe spoke with WSOU (audio below), who pressed him about Adler's projected return. The singer didn't say much, but admitted, "It’s hard to say what’s gonna happen with Chris Adler," before declining to say anything further when adding, "I have no comment on him."

Two months after the announcement was made that Adler would not be performing on the summer leg of Slayer's ongoing farewell tour and Cruz was stepping in, the drummer revealed the reason for his absence. A motorcycle accident left him with a "shattered" collarbone and right shoulder as well as chipped bones in his hip, which required surgery to "correct the broken bones."

After the surgery, Adler returned to the stage, but experienced setbacks related to the injuries, which required him to step down for the time being.

Adler relayed that he was undergoing "rigorous" physical and occupational therapy and that he was practicing drums every day. "Playing drums is what I do and refuse to do it poorly. I will be back behind the kit ASAP," he wrote.

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