Lamb of God are dropping another new song on you ahead of their highly anticipated VII: Sturm und Drang album. Fans can now check out the track "512" in the player above.

For those wondering, the title is a reference to singer Randy Blythe's cell number in Pankrac Prison. The vocalist penned the track about how his experience behind bars was changing him. He tells Rolling Stone, "You cannot have the same mentality as the normal guy living on the streets in prison. You undergo a radical mental and emotional shift when you go into prison."

He continues, "There are aspects of your personality that you could cultivate in prison that are beneficial to your survival that would be seen as psychosis or extreme paranoia. You have to be ready for violence at any time. Anyone who is 100 percent honest in prison will get taken advantage of, maybe by other prisoners, maybe by guards. For me, being in prison was a lot of figuring out what I could get away with, how I could work outside any set of rules in order to remain as comfortable as I could. You're cultivating your psyche in your deceit. In prison, everyone is listening all the time, and if they hear you say something that they can take, they might internalize it and be like, 'This guy is talking to someone,' and he'll wind up dead."

According to the vocalist, he spent much of his time in a dark, basement dungeon so that the guards could monitor him for depression. "I couldn't even see the sun to tell what part of day it was," recalls the vocalist. "It was just steadily lessening levels of gloom."

Blythe says the experience reminded him of Damien Echols, one of the West Memphis Three, who spent 10 years of his prison life in solitary. In the time since his release, Blythe says he's become friends with Echols.

In other Lamb of God news, the band debuted their new song "Still Echoes" while performing at the Rock Am Ring festival over the weekend. Footage of the performance can be seen below.

Both "512" and "Still Echoes" appear on Lamb of God's VII: Sturm und Drang, which is due on July 24. You can currently pre-order the disc via iTunes and Amazon or get your order in on one of the bundle packages at this location.

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