Lamb of God singer Randy Blythe had become one of the more entertaining tweeters in the music industry, but he recently bowed out of the social networking site for good.

The rocker has now gone more in-depth concerning the matter during a recent question-and-answer session with What's The Scene at a press conference in India, where Lamb of God were touring.

When asked about his deletion of the account (about 2:10 into the video below), Blythe explained, "[I did it] because it's full of idiots. Social networking can be used for good things, and I used my Twitter account for several good things - I raised money for cancer research on it. I live-tweeted during a hurricane in New York City. So I used that, and at first it was fun to communicate with the fans."

However, as the popularity of his account began to grow, so did some of the idiocy that began to take away from the experience for the singer. He explains, "I think something like 35,000 people were reading the dumb stuff I was putting up there. And some of it was just fun. It got too big. I couldn't communicate anymore. And everything I said got misunderstood."

Blythe says he's a brutally honest person. Plus he feels that the social networking experience provides the opportunity for people to be a little more rude and entitled in how they portray themselves online because of the lack of repercussions. He explains, "They say things to you online that they would never say to your face. People don't like that. They don't like being told, 'You're being an a--hole.' So I'll still do that, you know what I mean? And it bummed a lot of people out. And I just got tired of arguing with all these people."

The singer says he liked Twitter for the ability to communicate one-on-one with some of the people that follow his career and do so without the barriers put up by everyday life. He adds, "I'm just a person too. But then people got rude and I got bored, so I erased it. Plus, I wasted far too much time on that."

Watch Lamb of God's Randy Blythe Explain Why He Deleted His Twitter Account