On Wednesday (April 4) the Sonic Metal Fest went down in Santiago, Chile and during Hatebreed’s set a very special guest joined them on stage. Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe performed ‘Doomsayer’ with Hatebreed and it was all caught on film thanks to a fan, check out the video below.

‘Doomsayer’ was a track on Hatebreed’s 2003 release ‘The Rise of Brutality.’

Hatebreed is currently on a small tour run in South America with Lamb of God and Lacuna Coil and according to Lamb of God guitarist Mark Morton, it’s a blast. He took to Twitter to say, “I wish every tour could be with Hatebreed. I laugh constantly when I'm around those dudes."

Hatebreed, currently working on a new disc, are unsure of the release date. They are toying with the idea of releasing something in October or waiting until next January so they can tour in support of the tenth anniversary of their album ‘Perseverance.’

Watch Randy Blythe Perform ‘Doomsayer’ with Hatebreed