This week's edition of Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction? features a musician we've wanted to get into our studio for years, Lamb of God vocalist Randy Blythe.

Blythe stopped by Loudwire headquarters to speak about his Show Me What You're Made Of photography exhibit at the Sacred Gallery in New York City, which is running until June 30, as well as his upcoming Dark Days memoir. The book delves inside Blythe's time behind bars in the Czech Republic, so make sure to grab a copy once it's released on July 14. To pre-order the book, click here.

During Blythe's visit, we fit in a round of Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?, which Randy was especially excited to take part in. We start out with Randy's full name and its proper pronunciation before getting into his childhood musician heroes and Lamb of God's beginnings under the moniker Burn the Priest. Blythe sets the record straight on why the name change occurred and if it was connected to the act being banned from playing various venues.

One uncertainty that countless Lamb of God fans ponder is the true inspiration behind one of the band's signature singles, "Redneck." Blythe has spoken about its lyrics targeting the music industry, while guitarist Mark Morton has claimed "Redneck" is actually about Randy himself. In this Wiki segment, you'll find the song's true meaning.

We also asked Randy about taking the stand for his Czech manslaughter trial (he was given a not guilty verdict) even though he had the right to remain silent. Why did Blythe take the seemingly risky move? He talks all about it in this exclusive clip!

Watch the Randy Blythe edition of Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction? above and be sure to keep your eyes open for much more exclusive video with Randy coming soon.

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