Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich is no stranger to the silver screen. The band has famously released the Some Kind of Monster documentary as well as the narrative concert film Through the Never, but this time, the skinsman has veered away from the Metallica camp, serving as an associate producer on the comedy flick, The Architect (trailer below).

The movie made its debut earlier this year at the Vancouver International Film Festival and an additional screening will take place at the Mill Valley Film Festival tonight (Oct. 13) in Mill Valley, Calif. Following the 7PM start at the Sequoia Theater, Ulrich and actress Parker Posey (playing the character Drew) will take part in a question and answer session.

The Architect follows Colin (played by Eric McCormack) and Drew, a couple with ambitions to build their dream home. After closing on a fixer-upper home, they're told it would be easier to level the house and start from scratch. As seen in the video trailer below, they enlist a modern architect, Miles Moss (played by James Frain), for the project, but things go awry when Moss gradually begins to build his dream house rather than the one Colin and Drew had been pining for. He also claims to love Drew and has a quirky and sometimes stubborn personality that further complicates matters.

Ulrich is not the only Metallica member to step into the film production role. His bandmate, bassist Robert Trujillo produced the Jaco documentary, chronicling the influential bass player Jaco Pastorius.

Metallica will be releasing their long-anticipated new album, Hardwired... To Self-Destruct, on Nov. 18 with two tracks, "Hardwired" and "Moth Into Flame" already out.

The Architect Movie Trailer

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