Metallica skinsman Lars Ulrich may not get acclaim as a technical master on the drums, but his stickwork has provided the backbone to metal's biggest band for 30 years. The thrash titans have always been centered around rhythm riffing, and Ulrich’s drumming anchors this approach. By choosing to stay less active on his upper extremities, he often lets his feet do the busy work to fuel the rest of the band’s fire that they desire. This style of drumming may not work well for other bands, but for Metallica, Ulrich's style has suited them pretty darn well over the years.

Scott Rockenfield actually has some similarities to Lars. He has an attack that focuses heavily on emphasis, but where he differs is in his small nuances and flourishes that he adds to the progressive music of Queensrÿche. With a snare sound that is unmistakable, Rockenfield is never afraid to pound his drum kit, muscling every hit of the stick. His tight fills and cymbal work are never egregiously flashy, but work well to add dynamics to his playing and perk up listeners’ ears.

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