In a recently ended eBay auction, a pair of sunglasses worn by late Alice in Chains singer Layne Staley, along with a subscription copy of 'TV Guide' and a flyer advertising the sale of his condo, sold for $1,800.

The seller's full description was as follows:

This is a great set of Layne Staley items. This is a group of 3 items. One is his personal ‘TV Guide’ which has his name and address both on them. Another item is his personal black sunglasses which are pictured in the 3 photos I provided (with Second Coming) and are in numerous other Alice in Chains photo shoots and concerts. The other item is for his condo when it was for sale after he passed.

While we find the contents of this eBay auction a bit eerie, the $1,800 that they sold for is a testament to the lasting legacy Staley left through his music. The address label on the 'TV Guide' was dated Feb. 8, 2003, which is 10 months after Staley passed away.

This coming April 5 will mark the 10 year anniversary of the singer's tragic death in 2002. Staley was found April 19, 2002, in his apartment but his death was determined to be two weeks prior to that. He died from a lethal mix of heroin and cocaine known as speedball.

Alice in Chains have since re-formed with singer William DuVall. They are currently working on their second album with DuVall as frontman.

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