Letlive singer Jason Butler is one of rock’s most impressive young frontmen. Known for being road warriors, Letlive have gained an even bigger cult following since the release of their latest album ‘The Blackest Beautiful.’ Their fans are die-hard and Butler’s energy will undoubtedly inspire future performers attending their shows.

We spoke with Butler about going to shows in Los Angeles when he was younger and he told us, “[I went] all the time. We were a hot bed for this type of music. We have so much culture and music culture throughout Los Angeles. I grew up with it too so it’s just a part of my lifestyle.”

He also shared one very special concert experience: “One time, in 1996 was the second Warped Tour I believe. I was in Dominguez Hills at California State University doing soccer practice and there happened to be one of the promoters for Warped Tour at the time. He was like, ‘Hey do you want to see a show?’”

Butler admits that at the time, he wasn’t too familiar with rock. “I had no idea, I never even f---ed with punk rock before," he explained. "I was 11 and s--- so I went over. The last thing I saw was a dude on the top of the PA stacks yelling at the crowd and people reciprocating and vibing back with him. With his bleached blonde hair, hiked up socks and Dickie shorts and Converse shoes and I’m all like, 'That fool looks crazy. What is he doing?' and he f---in’ yells and jumps into the crowd and it looked like 20 feet -- it was high for me at the time. It happened to be Chino [Moreno] from Deftones.”

The singer concludes, “That moment I remember looking at my dad, and I was about Disney and R&B and soul and then I was like, ‘I want to do that, I want to do rock music’ and he kind of laughed it off. I ended up being in a punk rock band a few years later. I told Chino when we toured with him too, it’s crazy.”