Alan Robert, bassist for long-running New York band Life of Agony as well as creator of his own comic series, will go under the needle on the premiere of the second season of the tattoo show 'N.Y. Ink' which is based in -where else?- New York City. The episode airs on Dec. 29 at 9 PM ET. Robert will be inked by Megan Massacre.

According to Noisecreep, the episode is titled 'Kings of N.Y.' and Robert will be one of the first people getting a new piece of skin art. "Wooster St. has some of the most amazing tattoo talent around, so I was thrilled to get my piece done by Megan. Her style is perfect for the ink I chose," said Robert about getting tattooed on the series. That's a massive compliment for the artist, since Robert has a background in graphics with his comic series and all.

Robert commented about being tattooed in the reality show setting, surrounding by crews, cameras and chaos, saying, "Being on the show was a trip and it was interesting to see, first hand, just what goes into making a hit series like this. I give the artists a lot of credit, too. It's one thing to deliver kick-ass tattoos day in and day out... but it's another thing to try and do that with a bunch of cameras jammed in your face. No pressure, right?!"

Last season, Slipknot/Stone Sour vocalist Corey Taylor received a memorial tattoo in honor of late 'Knot bassist Paul Gray on the show. Be sure and tune in next week to see how Robert's ink turns out.