The hunt for a new Stone Temple Pilots singer continues after Linkin Park's Chester Bennington left the group in 2015. Bennington had replaced the esteemed original vocalist of the band, Scott Weiland. Life of Agony frontwoman Mina Caputo has a recommendation for the opening, however: herself.

When Alternative Nation asked Caputo if she would accept the vacant spot in STP if given the opportunity, she confidently responded that she would make a perfect fit for the group. Coming from a strong rock background, the singer quipped that she was born with a Led Zeppelin record in her hand and that STP "have always been like the modern day Led Zeppelin."

Elaborating on why she would be a good fit with the iconic alt rock group, Caputo continued, "I really always felt like I understood Scott’s melodic sensibility. I always understood his masculine / femininity. I just feel like it’s so meant to be. I feel like I’m the right person for the right equation, because not only would I do my damndest to honor the Stone Temple Pilots catalog – which is extremely Biblical to me – but more so than ever, I would love, love, love to create new music with the Stone Temple Pilots."

Stating the proper way to judge Caputo as a potential singer for Stone Temple Pilots would be to get in a room together and jam, she declared, "I definitely have the sensibility. I know what they’re looking for. I know what they want. I’ve watched many, many interviews with Dean and Robert, talking about kind of singer they want. And I’m the person. I know I am."

Caputo also made it clear the intention isn't to "replace" Weiland. "That’s not the idea of it," said the singer, adding, "It’s just honoring Scott’s energy, it’s honoring Scott’s contribution to rock 'n’ roll and creativity itself. I just feel like because I’ve been listening to them my entire life and I know their catalog inside and out, I know even the way Scott shaped his lips to sing."

As of mid-November, STP had yet to name a new singer and a band rep stated the group had been rehearsing with "several singers" and that no final decision had been made.

As for Life of Agony, they will release A Place Where There's No Pain, their first new album since 2005's Broken Valley, on April 28 through Napalm Records. To pre-order the album, head to the label's webstore and see a list of upcoming tour dates here.

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