Pay your respects to these savage mfs who grab life by the gonads. Live to win, win to live… like a boss.

Arlington, Texas is home to the living legend Michael Hildreth — aka the Papa Murphy’s Sign Slayer. After showing up late to work for over a month, Hildreth’s boss sent him outside to flip a sign as punishment. To combat the boredom of standing outside all day, the pizza shop employee started headbanging and playing his sign like a guitar. Hildreth ended up increasing pizza sales by 40 percent, so now he’s living the good life as a product of the American dream.

When you’re playing in front of thousands of fans, making a slick move can immortalize you on YouTube. Dutch singer David Achter de Molen from the punk band John Coffey was being held up by the crowd while performing at Pinkpop when a cup of beer came flying his way. By reflex only, the vocalist caught the beer and chugged it, popping the crowd like The Rock in ’99.

Of course, we can’t forget about Maynard James Keenan’s famous takedown of a fan. Tool don’t want you to come up onstage, and because of this video, countless fans haven’t taken their chances with Maynard. Once the concertgoer attempted to hug Maynard, he was taken down by the singer, mounted and put in a rear naked choke for about 10 minutes. Don’t “Pushit.”

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