What could be funnier than Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst in a sitcom? Apparently, that’s what CBS was thinking when they inked a new deal with Durst to star in an upcoming comedy project.

It’s being reported that Durst will star in and co-produce a new sitcom with the working title ‘Douchebag’ -- no seriously, we didn't make that up. The concept behind the series revolves around an aging rock star trying to balance the pressures of juggling a celebrity lifestyle and raising a family at the same time.

CBS hasn’t completely signed off on the show just yet but has given it a script commitment. The script is being written by Matthew Carlson, who wrote for the recent Matthew Perry show ‘Mr. Sunshine.’

While Durst has seen some minimal time on the tube, this would be his first major role. He’s been featured in few different shows, including the NBC mini-series ‘Revelations’ in 2005, as well as an episode of ‘House.' He also has some experience on the parenting side of things with a teenage son and daughter.

Durst reunited with his band Limp Bizkit earlier this year to release a new album titled ‘Gold Cobra.’