Limp Bizkit have parted ways with Interscope, the only major record company home the band has ever known. While the Bizkit were one of the biggest selling acts on the label in the early '00s, the band's decreased profile over the past few years lead to disappointing sales of this summer's 'Gold Cobra.' Things sort of petered out for the band and the label, and frontman Fred Durst confirmed the split on 'Poolside With Dean Delray.'

“One of the things with 'Gold Cobra' was that that was a record, for us, to do for ourselves, for the core fans, for some of the people that we know in the industry — its wasn’t our step forward to make a big pop, smash radio record," the always outspoken Durst said about the band's personal goals for the album. "We just didn’t wanna make that record at that time… We have been working for a while now to re-navigate where we are going to take Limp Bizkit, and finally we have been able to get off our label and become independent."

Durst has a point there. In this day and age, a band with an established fanbase like the Bizkit could easily operate without the resources of a label and achieve similar results. Plus, Durst, once a controversy magnet, always struck us as the type of guy who liked to steer his own ship and to bake his own bizkit.

Good luck to Limp Bizkit on their newfound freedom. We look forward to seeing where the rap-rock mavens end up.

If you'd like to listen to the entirety of Durst's chat with Delray, go here.