With Shadows Fall gearing up for the release of their seventh album 'Fire From the Sky' this Tuesday (May 15), the Massachusetts metal mavens have shared a new song from the platter called 'Lost Within.' Trust us, it'll rev your metal engines.

It's track eight on the album and it's straight up, thrashtastic metal, full of the guitar solos we've come to expect from the band. It's also vintage Shads, with vocalist Brian Fair showing off his three-tiered vocal prowess over some guitar pyrotechnics offered up by the dual attack of Jon Donais and Matt Bachand.

If you like what you hear in this song, well, be sure and head to your local retailer or favorite digital destination to pick up music and nab the album.

Guitarist extraordinaire Donais spoke to Premier Guitar specifically about this song and its solo, saying, "I always like to balance things out. I feel the solo should be a part of the song. You want to hear that solo live because it's a part of the song just like somebody singing a chorus. I like to do a couple of measures of going crazy, then slow down and play melodically to let somebody who doesn't play the guitar have a chance to get into the solo. Plus, people who do play the guitar will like it, too, because there's some fancy stuff in there."

That's fancy-speak for it's guitar-driven and it rocks!

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Listen to Shadows Fall 'Lost Within'