Lita Ford is in many ways the ultimate female rock and metal musician. Having joined the legendary Runaways at only 16, Ford was able to show off her guitar chops for four years before the group broke up.

Ford would go on to have a successful solo career after 'Lita' was released in 1988. Those who were unaware of Ford's shredding abilities were floored once 'Kiss Me Deadly' became a juggernaut rock hit. During the song's outro, Ford broke pop format by boasting her soloing abilities, which were almost unmatched at the time. The rock goddess has written songs with legendary artists such as Ozzy Osbourne, Lemmy Kilmister, Nikki Sixx and many others. To this day, Lita Ford is still going strong, having released 'Living Like a Runaway' 2012, proudly claiming that "the b-tch is back!"