It's always a good idea to dress up as a rock or metal musician for Halloween. The chances of anyone else you know emulating the same person are pretty slim. Take it from this little girl, who dressed up as Rob Zombie so well that the rocker gave his personal approval.

An Instagram called Stitched From the Crypt shared the initial post a couple of days ago, which was apparently a throwback clip of when her daughter Lola dressed up as Zombie and performed a little show to his song "Superbeast" with a skeleton. In addition to the costume itself, Lola's jumps and kicks were a perfect re-enactment of Zombie's onstage theatrics.

The video got ahold of Zombie's attention, and he reposted it on his own Instagram, writing, "This might be the costume of the year! What do you think? I think I have my replacement when I retire."

"Now I know what a child of ours would look like!" Sheri Moon Zombie commented. The outfit received praise from several other rockers as well, including guitarist John 5 and System of a Down's Shavo Odadjian.

Upon realizing that the artist shared the clip of Lola on his social media, Stitched From the Crypt posted another photo of Lola. "I had to post some throwbacks of Lola and her Rob Zombie doll that she gave him at a concert!" she wrote.

See all of the posts below, and check out Lola's other creative costumes on the Stitched From the Crypt Instagram. Her latest endeavor was Joe Dirt.

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