A fondness for heavy metal can come at any age, as can a desire to perform the music. For a particular pair of sisters, currently aged just three and seven, practicing their metal vocals — a technique they've cribbed from their metal artist father — is all part of a regular day of kid stuff.

The pair's dad — Topher Jackson, a self-professed "growl rapper" from St. Louis who performs what he calls "heathen metal" or "trap metal" under the band name Skeptik — recently shared some video documentation of his girls' talents on TikTok. The clip shows Jackson, undoubtedly a very proud metal father, covertly listening in as the two budding vocalists trade hearty snarls.

Watch the video down toward the bottom of this post.

"We are a musical family," Jackson captions the funny and heartwarming clip that focuses on his delighted face as he eavesdrops on his daughters doing their best metal vocal impressions. The girls practice their dad's favored technique using words and phrases that appear to be of their own choosing. (Many are great examples of things kids would deem appropriate for metal lyrics, such as growly takes on the words "Halloween," "fire," "water," "the force of fire," "blazing" and "planets.")

On top of that, it's not even the first time one of the girls has belted metal-style vocals. At the end of the video, Jackson mentions that the seven-year-old started "doing some screams when she was 5."

Those interested in Jackson's musical work, a type of metal adorned with ultra-fast growling from the musician, can also check out Skeptik (formerly Anthroskepsis) on Facebook and Spotify.


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