Local drummer Andy Torres was attacked in California by a man with an ax, who proceeded to destroy Torres' drum kit with the weapon. Later, when confronted about the moment, which was captured on camera, the assailant (then off camera) withdrew a handgun from his jacket, as reported by NBC Los Angeles and CBS News.

Torres had routinely set up his small drum kit at sunrise and sunset in a secluded section of Todd Longshore Park in Canyon County, which is northeast on Santa Clarita. He practiced while wearing a mask and costume, which reportedly did not draw any noise complaints in the past.

"He just came up swinging already. He didn't announce himself. He didn't say get out of the way... He knew what he was going to do. I happened to just get out of the way," said the 36-year-old musician to CBS News. "It took everything in me not to want to launch at the guy, but I knew I couldn't do that," he said of his initial feeling when under attack.

The unidentified man with the ax is said to have changed his tone of voice after being informed his assault was recorded on video. Torres also captured footage of the man's car and license plate.

"After he attacked the gear, he turned toward me with the ax and reached into his jacket and pulled out a handgun and pointed it at me. That's when I really lost it," the drummer said to NBC Los Angeles. "That little drum kit means the world to me," added Torres, who received it as a gift from his peers on his "last day of being a transient."

Although he is safe, the event has taken an emotional toll on Torres, who told CBS News, "I get stuck thinking about that, and I have to pull myself out of it." Torres said. “I know I will move ahead, because look I’m still here.”

"It's not destroyed," he affirmed, talking about his small drum kit. "It's not destroyed. They'll have to do better than that."

Anyone with information on the identity of the attacker is encouraged to contact the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

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