Ryan and George, the duo behind the popular YouTube reaction channel Lost in Vegas have consistently shocked headbangers with their honest and open takes on dozens of heavy metal and hard rock classics. Here, they take on their greatest challenge yet within the realms of heaviness: Cannibal Corpse's "Hammer Smashed Face."

The song is frequently touted by fans as death metal's greatest track, though Ryan and George struggle to see it this way. Remaining committed to their values of offering an unbiased reaction as appreciators of all forms of music, the two try to find the high points, but it's an ominous start when George (right) fails to recognize Chris Barnes' garbage disposal-like grunting as the vocal element of the song at first.

They admit that death metal vocals are difficult for them to overcome personally. "I just don't know if I can get past my mental block of those vocals," Ryan states toward the end, hanging his hat on the slow breakdown that takes place later in "Hammer Smashed Face." Replaying it a couple times, Ryan beams with excitement and tries to get George to get onboard with his sentiments.

"Just because it's not appealing to us, it doesn't meant that we don't think that it doesn't take talent," George clarifies, noting he wouldn't have a voice if he tried to emulate Barnes' guttural efforts. "I would be open to listening to those kind of vocals on different tracks if it was that long, slowed down tempo," Ryan says, championing the breakdown.

While Ryan harps on this one redeeming moment, George admits he struggles with the sudden riffing transitions. "The song overall, to me the word that comes to mind is just messy, disjointed. I thought the transitions just seemed messy," he confirms. However, he picks up on a hallmark of death metal, noting, "I think the messiness can be a thing of beauty to people. Sometimes you don't need everything to be sort of perfect, there's beauty in imperfection."

Watch the full reaction in the video above. Catch Cannibal Corpse on the road on their North American headlining tour which kicks off in November. See a list of upcoming dates here.

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