Before Metallica had their own edition of 'Guitar Hero,' the Four Horsemen were planning on lending their name, likenesses and music to a post-apocalyptic video game. What post-apocalyptic video game, you ask? Well, turns out it never came out, so it doesn't really matter. However, a trailer and sketches from the game, which was due in 2005, have surfaced online. 

In the 46-second clip, viewers are warned to "get ready for true metal" and the words "music and inspiration from Metallica" flash on screen after some doomsday beats and some 'Tallica riffery. The teaser trailer was tucked in versions of 'St. Anger,' so the game clearly was in somewhat of an advanced developmental stage, if assets were created and promoted.

Concept art for the unreleased racing game has also been revealed, and we have to admit, it looks pretty bad ass. The animations showcase frontman James Hetfield absolutely strapped with huge machine guns, guitarist Kirk Hammett with a pet vulture on his shoulder, drummer Lars Ulrich beside a truck completely covered in megaphones, (how's that for social commentary?) and a vast array of grotesque enemies for the 'Big 4' vigilantes to riddle with bullets.

The game never materialized, but the remnants are still out there. Perhaps it can be resurrected? Perhaps not. It's still a cool nugget of Metallica lore to unearth. Check out the entire batch of concept art at

Watch Metallica Lost Video Game Trailer

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