Welsh hard rockers Lostprophets sound convicted and ambitious on their latest single, 'Bring ‘Em Down,' off 2012’s 'Weapons.' The band’s fifth studio album is polished and well-crafted as a whole, and 'Bring ‘Em Down' is indicative of that vibe, while it also shows off the angry side of Lostprophets.

From the onset, the track rings with electro-rock fire, bringing together punk-fueled energy and rousing emo-laced angst. “ONE! One chance with life is all you get / TWO! So pick your side and place your bet / THREE! Cause you know we've been here before / FOUR! Won every time, but who's keeping score?” singer Ian Watkins chants in the early verses. It’s a stirring introduction that set the song up for a heightening of power and emotion.

The chorus explodes into a guitar-crashing upsurge of sound empowered by a consistent backdrop of Watkins’ powerful, ardent vocals. “Sing it out, woah! / Bring it down, woah! / Sing it out, my friend, bring it down again!” he sings in the chorus, amid whipping drum beats and deafening guitars.

Lostprophets are a band that has always struggled to stay in the spotlight, but that hardwon tenacity is what keeps them around while other bands of their generation have disappeared in to the backdrop. 'Bring ‘Em Down' seems to find Lostprophets able to push their sound forward instead of merely repeating the past, and that’s a perfect spot for the Welch rockers.