With the recent launch of Loudwire Radio, we're giving you the Top 20 active rock songs each and every week. However, we also are looking to give a special spot on next week's program to one of five acts who just missed our current Top 20.

This week we've got Bobaflex competing for a spot on next week's Loudwire Radio program with their track 'Chemical Valley.' Released in August 2011 on the album, 'Hell in My Heart,' the West Virginian rock band need your votes to make it onto Loudwire Radio. Adelitas Way also just missed the Top 20 with their single 'Criticize' from the band's 2011 album, 'Home School Valedictorian.'

Weaving the Fate has yet to release their debut album, but they've managed to get their song 'Rack City' into the Top 25, as have Detriot rock band Ghosts of August with the track 'Scars.'

Last on the list is well-established Danish heavy metal band Volbeat. The band just released the single 'Still Counting' from the album 'Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood.'

Listen to these five tracks in the videos below and vote for which one deserves to be the wild card on next week's edition of Loudwire Radio.

Bobaflex, 'Chemical Valley'
Adelitas Way, 'Criticize'
Weaving the Fate, 'Rack City'
Ghosts of August, 'Scars'
Volbeat, 'Still Counting'



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