Former Korn guitarist Brian 'Head' Welch has teamed up with his latest gang of musicians to form the band Love and Death. The group is set to drop its debut EP, 'Chemicals' on April 24, but we've got the full release streaming exclusively right now for your listening pleasure.

Loudwire was recently given the opportunity to interview Welch, and he spoke to us about his new band and their soon to be released EP.

Welch commented on his personal goals with Love and Death: "To put out the best songs we can and grow a fan base like every other band out there," Welch says about the band's intentions. "I like to think it's more mainstream stuff, 'cause a lot of people were thinking Brain 'Head' Welch, but the band is totally separate from that."

The Love and Death frontman continued to describe the difference between the new band and his former solo project. "This one is more of a band effort. A couple of different writers and band members were able to contribute to this stuff."

Welch also told us that the 'Chemicals' EP is a good indication of what fans can expect from Love and Death's future work. "This is just a teaser for the fans. We'll bring them the full-length album in October."

Check out our exclusive stream of Love and Death's 'Chemicals' EP below to hear Welch & company's new endeavor for yourself.

Listen to Love and Death's 'Chemicals' EP

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