Love and Death, the band led by former Korn guitarist Brian "Head" Welch, are set to drop their new album 'Between Here & Lost' on Nov. 19, and Loudwire is proud to bring you the exclusive premiere of the new song 'The Abandoning.'

With the new track, it's clear that Welch and his new crew can still deliver the aggressiveness and hard-hitting vibe that he had in Korn and pack the song with an emotional punch. With lyrics like, "Why do I hurt myself / Why can't I escape this hell / I am always blaming, always chasing broken dreams / I keep screaming out but no one ever hears me," it's clear that the story is coming from someone dealing with inner turmoil.

Head says of the track, "I like 'The Abandoning' because the chorus goes somewhere you wouldn't think it would go. It's really dark and then it opens up very melodic."

As you can tell by listening, Welch has found a musical home after going it solo following his exit from Korn. The current lineup that includes guitarist J.R. Bareis, bassist Michael Valentine, and drummer Dan Johnson really helped the guitarist see his vision to its full fruition while adding their own stamp to the music.

Welch also credits producer Jasen Rauch, who also plays in the band RED, for his input into the new music. "One of the biggest changes on this album is that we connected with a great producer,” states Welch. “With my first solo album, I wanted to oversee everything myself to see if I could do this type of thing. I think some of it was experimenting and some of it was just pride, but a band really needs someone who can produce an album to make the material the best it can be. That's what producers are there for, so that was the biggest thing, just bringing Jasen into the fold."

You can find 'The Abandoning' on the 'Between Here & Lost' album, which arrives Nov. 19. Pre-order the CD on its own or packaged in a T-shirt bundle here. Both versions come with an instant download of 'The Abandoning.'

Listen to Love and Death's 'The Abandoning'


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