This past Friday (Feb. 10), Machine Gun Kelly headlined the Coors Light Birds Nest in Scottsdale, Ariz. as part of their multiday Super Bowl 2023 concert series. While it went mostly without incident, Kelly later revealed via social media that he was momentarily electrocuted during the performance.

Yesterday (Feb. 11), Kelly took to Twitter, YouTube and Facebook to post about the incident. Specifically, he shared a brief, fan-captured video that shows him singing and moving around the stage as pillars of smoke shoot up around him. For a moment, you can see his hair stand on end, but he quickly shakes his hair back into place and continues performing as if nothing had happened.

His corresponding captions vary a bit, but they also convey the same reaction. As he wrote on Twitter: “[G]etting electrocuted during a performance was a first for me…but the hair’s cool.”

Thankfully, TMZ later confirmed, MGK was indeed alright. In fact, they conclude: “It’s unclear if something really did happen or if it’s just a stage prank. We’re learning toward prank, because he seems unfazed. Also, no EMTs showed up. MGK performed for early 2 hours and . . . after the show, MGK met up with fiancée Megan Fox to hit up Drake’s party.”

That said, it seems like MGK himself – as well as many other news outlets – is implying that it was a real mishap.

As for how his followers reacted, well, they’ve generally shown a mixture of concern and sarcasm. For instance, one Twitter user commented: “Not sure if MGK or Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy,” while a Facebook fan cheered, “The fact that he continues to perform after getting electrocuted is beyond me, that's a true performer right there.” Similarly, someone on YouTube replied: “Hope you were ok mgk love your music so keep it up.”

You can see footage of the incident – as well as more reactions – below.

Also, you can catch MGK on tour starting next month. Check out the specific dates here, and be sure to grab your tickets here.

Fans React to MGK Being Electrocuted on Stage (Feb. 10, 2023)


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