Machine Gun Kelly was taken by surprise while appearing as the featured speaker at Forbes Under 30 Summit in Cleveland Tuesday (Oct.10), jumping to his feet with a stern warning and a clinched fist as an overzealous fan rushed the stage in the middle of the conversation.

As seen in video footage below (around the 10:45 mark), the singer was mid-conversation when he caught the stage intruder out of the corner of his eye, rising out of his chair with a clenched fist and proclaiming, "My man, get the fuck away from me."

The person stopped shy of reaching MGK and the musician appeared to calm in his demeanor unclinching his fist, but remained stern in letting the person know they shouldn't advance on him any further. "What are you doing? What are you doing? This is a bad look. Don't make me do this," said MGK.

At that point, a security person was able to remove the stage intruder from the stage. The microphone audio dropped and video briefly cutaway before MGK returned to his seat with audio and video returned.

Upon the video and audio return, Machine Gun Kelly addressed the audience, noting, "I'm sorry, I try to live the dichotomy more on this side than the other guy. I left that guy in the past. I'm sorry."

Further addressing the incident while returning the discussion to the business-leaning initial intent, Machine Gun Kelly thoughtfully added, "Here's what I'd like to say and I do apologize for my primal reaction ... My advice to people that have an idea that want to present it to other creators that they believe can be a vessel for their idea is like pick a good time and a place. This was a bad time and place."

He then elaborated, "When I'm eating food with noodles in my mouth, that's a bad time. When I'm with my daughter at a volleyball game or I'm being a father, that's a bad time. I think a lot of that is misunderstood, like these are moments that are owed, but a good businessman always knows the time and I think patience is the biggest key to that."

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He then relayed an example of how patience in his own career paid off, choosing not to push Jay-Z upon initially meeting him and letting the moment of Jay-Z's support finally come to him after several meetings.

TMZ later obtained video of the stage crasher sitting on the ground outside the venue while guards stood by waiting for the police to arrive.

Check out the full discussion, which also includes the stage intruder incident, below.

Machine Gun Kelly Approached By Stage Crasher at Forbes Under 30 Summit in Cleveland

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