Machine Head have unleashed their brand new single ‘Darkness Within’ off of their latest album ‘Unto the Locust.’ The song is a bit more radio friendly than one would expect, maintaining a steady balance between harmony and aggression.

The tune has various levels and plays with pace, as frontman Robb Flynn shows off his melodic clean vocals when he softly sings, “We build cathedrals to our pain / Establish monuments to attain / Freedom from all of the scars and the sins / Lest we drown in the darkness within.”

About a minute and a half in, the track kicks into high gear, as the acoustic strumming is traded in for crunchy guitar riffs and deep, thunderous drum patterns. Flynn’s vocals maintain their melodic appeal while featuring a raspy edge as he croons, “Mystery’s forgotten chords / I strum in vain to please the lord / But he has never answered me / My faith has waned eternally.”

After a wicked guitar solo, the song’s intensity continues to heighten at around the four minute mark as Flynn growls and chants with passion, “Music my savior / Save me.”

‘Unto the Locust' is one of the strongest metal albums released over the past year, and ‘Darkness Within' just may be its crowning moment.

5 Stars
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