We're just one week away from the release of Catharsis, Machine Head's ninth full-length offering. Robb Flynn has testified that this album is a shift in the band's sonic direction and the three previously released singles all represent fairly different aspects of this new approach. "Kaleidoscope," the fourth track to be shared, continues this notion, mashing angst and sing-along moments.

The song is another dynamic offering with a strong push and pull between thrashier moments with sliding rhythms accented by light melodic flourishes and a highly memorable, soaring chorus. Lyrically, Flynn preaches a message of unity through disgust, opening "Kaleidoscope" by barking, "We rise, we fall / And then we come together and despise this all / So get your middle fingers in the air and sing / They can't ignore us anymore / It’s up to us so hear me out cause I don’t give a fuck."

“This album is like a movie... a really looong movie... Lord of the Rings-type stuff! There are a lot of special songs on this record, and of course, whenever you finish an album, you always feel proud, but this time... we’ve got something really special here. We can feel it. We know it.," said Flynn. "Some people may not dig where we’re going, and that’s always the case... who cares? We dig it," the frontman continued, adding, "Nine albums deep, it would be really easy for us to coast and write some middle of the road shit that won’t offend anybody.”

Catharsis will be out Jan. 29 on Nuclear Blast and pre-orders for the album are available here. Machine Head will launch their tour in support of the album on Jan. 25 and you can head here for a list of all the upcoming stops.

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