Metal act Machine Head are celebrating the release of their upcoming album ‘Unto the Locust,' due out Sept. 27, with a handful of listening parties across the country.

There will be listening events in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Oakland. Even though Machine Head will not perform at any of these events, it provides fans the opportunity to listen to the full album and enjoy it's release with the band.

Frontman Robb Flynn says, "There are listening parties being held for this release all over the world, but we felt that putting a handful of events together here in the States and attending them ourselves would be a great way to give our fans and friends across the country a chance to hear the album before its release, and us a chance to hang with all of them as that's happening. We can't wait!"

Fans will have to make sure that they arrive early since the events are free and space is limited.

While Machine Head fans wait for the album in its entirety, they can enjoy listening to the first single, 'Locust.' Make no mistake, even though the track starts out slowly with low and gloomy guitar and bass lines, it doesn’t stay that way for long as rattling drums up the tempo hastily.

With razor sharp teeth, frontman Rob Flynn sings the unforgiving yet appealing chorus “They come / the swarm of locust / skies above / converge to choke us / feast of souls / consume the harvest / young and old / suffer unto the locust” makes the track that much forceful.

Flynn also shows off his falsetto voice and the lyrics take a more uplifting turn, “Faith appears and holds a candle / Hark the angels sing” which leads into one hell of a guitar solo. Lead guitarist Phil Demmel shreds it up for well over a minute and a half of the track and delivers an earsplitting solo.

With its ups and downs lyrically and musically, 'Locust' is a great single that sets the tone and shows the different dimensions of  'Unto the Locust' as a whole.

The dates for all four ‘Unto the Locust’ listening events are as follows:

Thursday, Sept. 22

On The Rox (upstairs at The Roxy Theatre)
9009 West Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, Calif.
Presented by Full Metal Jackie - 10 PM, 21 and over

Saturday, Sept. 24

Last Rites Tattoo Theatre & Gallery
511 West 33rd St., 3rd Floor, New York, NY
9 PM, All Ages..

Sunday, Sept. 25

1315 West North Ave.,Chicago, Ill.
Presented by The Chicago Metal Factory - 9 PM, 21 and over.

Tuesday, Sept. 27

Oakland Metro Operahouse
630 3rd St., Oakland, Calif.
8 PM, all ages

Watch the New Lyric Video for Machine Head's 'Locust'