The past weekend marked yet another annual Record Store Day! The April 19 celebration brought vinyl lovers to record stores nationwide, where Machine Head's 'Killers & Kings' 10" was available for the first time. Now that Record Store Day has passed, Machine Head have shared the new demo for your digital listening pleasure.

Machine Head gifted fans with the new song 'Killers & Kings' with the Record Store Day 10" along with a cover of Ignite's 'Darkest Days / Bleeding.' Fans are going nuts for both songs, giving Machine Head their due credit.

As for the Ignite cover, Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn recently wrote about his love for Ignite's 'Our Darkest Days' album for his latest 'Dairy of a Frontman' blog post:

I remember exactly where I was the moment I listened to this Ignite record though. I was with Dave McClain and our then video guy Danger Dan, and we were leaving Sharkbite Studios, going over the Bay Bridge, driving out to a show at The Fillmore in San Francisco. As soon as we left Sharkbite from a day of recording, we put this album on, and HOLY S--T! From the opening song, the 1-2-punch of "Our Darkest Days / Bleeding, it gave me f---in' goosebumps!

Machine Head are currently selling the 'Killers & Kings' 10" record with four separate covers, fashioned after tarot cards. The band also just launched a merch sale where fans can save 15 percent on Machine Head gear, but the offer is only good today (April 21).

Listen to Machine Head's 'Killers & Kings' above along with 'Our Darkest Days / Bleeding' below!

Machine Head, 'Our Darkest Days / Bleeding'