In 2010, Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn's Bay Area home was ransacked when burglars stole a number of items from his home, including four guitars, one of which was gifted to Flynn by Dimebag Darrell in 1997. After chasing down leads ever since, the guitarist was reunited with two of his stolen axes including the "Dimebolt" guitar.

After purchasing a storage unit for a mere $10, Holly Cherry rummaged through the unit and happened across two electric guitars: the "Dimebolt" and an unreleased Epiphone Signature Series prototype featuring Flynn's signature on the back of the headstock. After investigating the two instruments, strangely enough taking pictures and tracing the source back through the Google Translate app, Cherry learned the guitars were stolen and familiarized herself with Flynn's story.

“I’ve had so many false leads over the last six years I can’t even tell you, literally hundreds, and while I was grateful for everyone’s enthusiasm in helping find them, but I had kind of given up hope," said Flynn. This changed when Cherry got in contact with one of the band's sponsors, Jim Dunlop Strings and Pedals. After emailing photos to Bryan Kehoe at Jim Dunlop, the images made their way to a high school friend of Flynn, Craig Locicero, who in turn contacted the Machine Head founder.

"You can imagine my shock when that email came through and it was really them!" exclaimed Flynn. "I was sitting in our son Wyatt’s gymnastics class waiting for it to start and I blurted out 'HOLY S--T, they found my guitars!' My kids laughed and said 'What? what?’”

In the video below, Flynn is seen recovering the guitars from Cherry in a parking lot in Oakland, Calif. “I’d like to thank Holly Cherry for being so amazing throughout this entire process, she truly is an outstanding human being," he began. "I’d also like to thank Officer Ian Leong of the Martinez Police Dept. who has stayed on the case for over 6 years and has been unrelenting in hunting down the thieves. Lastly huge, huge, HUGE props go out to Craig Locicero and Bryan Kehoe for contacting me with this info, and also to Chris Wallace and Wes Anderson for connecting the dots. The Ibanez guitar that I used to write and record Machine Head’s debut, Burn My Eyes, is still out there missing, so I’m asking all the Head Cases to keep their eyes peeled. But for now, the Dimebolt is home and it’s moments like these that make you believe man, they make you believe!”

Unfortunately, instrument theft is too common for comfort for any musician. In late 2015, virtuoso Steve Vai's guitar "Bo" was stolen at a benefit show. The icon didn't have nearly the six year wait Flynn did and was reunited with his cherished guitar later in the same week, which was anonymously placed in the bushes outside his property.

Robb Flynn Recovers Stolen Guitars

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