Are you ready for Madame Mayhem? She's ready for you, teaming up with Loudwire to exclusively bring you the new video for the title track from her Ready for Me album.

The video for the attitude-filled rocker finds Madame Mayhem ready to address the "sinners" quick to point her out, as she aims to make her point while wielding an axe. Even a preacher man won't stand in the way of her putting a fright into of a gossipy female trio.

"'Ready for Me' is the name of the album and the 13th and final track on the record," says Madame Mayhem. "The song is so cool. It has this awesome vibey rhythm to it that I think crosses over to other genres rather than just hard rock. The song is about being different and being judged for it, but being the stronger person and not changing who you are. The world (and industry) claims they are looking for something unique, different. But then the excuse of 'you are a little of this, a little of that, we can't categorize you, so you won't succeed...' It's laughable. So when people say they are ready for something different, dare them."

Speaking about the video, she adds, "The video depicts that by putting my character in the video 'on trial' in a way and then I turn the table around on them, and give those judge-y, follower-type people a good scare."

Madame Mayhem's Ready for Me album was released back in October and finds the singer working with producer Corey Lowery (of Saint Asonia fame), and pulling in Sevendust's Clint Lowery and Evanescence's Troy McLawhorn along with drummers Bevan Davies and Ryan Bennett for instrumental assists.

“All the songs on this album are super personal to me,” explains Mayhem. “About my frustrations, trying to get through the rough times, my anxieties and insecurities, some messed up stuff that has happened to me along the way, relationship devastation, you name it. I noticed it only afterwards that audiences are really getting 'the dirt' on me through this album. I was super honest, vulnerable, and didn't hold back during the writing process of these songs. Corey Lowery and I are a great team because he makes me feel comfortable to spill my guts during writing sessions, and during recordings, to relive these situations I am writing about so whoever is listening gets all of what we wanted to give."

Madame Mayhem's Ready for Me album is currently available at this location. She's currently on tour in Europe with dates wrapping up this week. See where she's playing here.

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