Slipknot are obviously known for being heavy AF, but "Snuff" certainly showcases their softer side. A man named Frank Watkinson covered the song, turning it into a folk tearjerker.

The original "Snuff" is already an incredibly emotional track, but the senior Watkinson uses gentle fingerpicking on an acoustic guitar throughout the entirety of the cover and sings very softly, making for a really soothing listening experience.

"My adaptation of this great song, requested by Robbie Osiris," Watkinson wrote in the video's description. He also provided a link to his PayPal account, which you can donate to at this location if you so desire. There's also a link to a platform where you can hear more of his music, titled My Life Unplugged. 

Watch the video below. You'll even see an appearance from a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in the background.

"Snuff" was the final single released by Slipknot prior to the death of bassist Paul Gray. "He was so stoked with that song, and so proud of us doing it. I was so nervous when I brought it in and he was one of the first to see the potential in it," Corey Taylor told Louder Sound of the song.

"He really fought for it. I’m glad we got to play it live before he died. That was a special moment for me. When I listen to it, it makes me smile to think of him."

Frank Watkinson - "Snuff" (Slipknot Cover)

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