For almost three decades, Sweden's Marduk have remained one of black metal's most consistent acts. With their 14th studio offering, Viktoria, on the horizon, the horde has released another new single, "Equestrian Bloodlust."

Like a sort of Motorhead of black metal, Marduk never veer too far from their original sonic path of destruction and "Equestrian Bloodlust" does nothing to outstep these boundaries. This track is a sub-three minute adrenaline rush of blasting tempos and familiar, sinister melodies woven into the rhythmic riffing attack. The drums drop out completely a couple times throughout the song, halting the energy only to deliver with battering ram force when the charge begins again as Mortuus' vomit-soaked vocals throttle the intensity.

Viktoria is scheduled for a June 22 release on Century Media and the album is the band's first since delivering the volatile Frontschwein three years ago. Check out the artwork and track listing below.

Over the years, Marduk's name has been tied to controversy as they're lyrical themes are often aimed at events surrounding World War II. “Overall, I would say we have a fascination with the whole war machine,” comments guitarist Morgan Håkansson. “At least from my point of view, the Germans had the most fascinating machinery and equipment. Viktoria is not a standpoint, however. It’s just a reflection of history, the way it happened. With that in mind, it’s more interesting to write a soundtrack tied to specific historical events. Look at movies, for example. They’ve tackled both sides of World War II. So, Viktoria is more about history. Nothing more. Nothing less," the axeman clarifies.

Marduk, Viktoria Artwork + Track Listing

Century Media
Century Media

01. Werwolf
02. June 44
03. Equestrian Bloodlust
04. Tiger I
05. Narva
06. The Last Fallen
07. Viktoria
08. The Devil's Song
09. Silent Night

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