Interesting things always come to light when celebrities agree to participate in one of Reddit’s Ask Me Anything Q&As. Billy Corgan and Marilyn Manson recently answered questions from Reddit users about everything from their upcoming "The End Times" tour, to how they’ve influenced each other musically and why they think a cat should be president. Below are some of the highlights from the conversation.

When asked about their upcoming joint tour, Smashing Pumpkins singer Billy Corgan had this to say: “I think our plan is to approach the tour as an artistic opportunity. Push one another to play a cooler, heavier, deeper set than we would, with the idea of the night ending with us playing together. But the whole NIGHT will be a unique experience.”

During the Q&A, the guys make it clear that they are very good friends and reference the importance and strength of their friendship on several occasions. Manson explained that they have influenced each other over the years, both in their personal lives and in their music. He stated, “You can really see our friendship, and our influence, of each other just... knowing each other, having the same interests, appear throughout records like Machina and Holy Wood, we were very much into the same writers, the same inspiration of alchemy, and that was one of the side effects of our friendship.” Manson went on to say that Corgan even gave him his very first guitar as a gift and tried to teach him how to play.

If you recall, things were not always so warm and fuzzy between the pair. For 15 years they didn’t speak to each other, mainly because of a riff that started after Corgan wrote a letter to Manson warning him about the perils of dating Rose McGowan. Manson and McGowan were an item in the late ‘90s and early 2000s, even getting engaged, but the relationship ended before they tied the knot.

While Manson's love for McGowan has since faded, his love of cats has not. When asked to give an example of something that is funny about both of them but is not widely known, Corgan wrote that they are “both cat lovers” and “we love cats more than we love women.” Not to be outdone, after answering a hypothetical question about what he would do if he were president, Manson commented that both of them “would live in a country where cats were presidents. Like the ancient Sphinx.”

Smashing Pumpkins and Marilyn Manson kick off their co-headlining "The End Times" tour on July 7 in Concord, Calif. The trek runs through an Aug. 8 show Cincinnati, Ohio. Click the button below for dates.

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