If you're a Blink-182 fan and you're looking to pick up some gear, it's been a good year for you. Following the recent Tom DeLonge Reverb Shop where the Blink-182 and Angels and Airwaves musician put up over 100 items for sale, now Blink-182's Mark Hoppus is following suit with his latest sale via the Reverb online marketplace.

Hoppus recently used some downtime to clear out some of the gear he's collected over the years and items going in the shop for this sale include pieces he's used not only with Blink-182 but also with +44 and even while playing with Motion City Soundtrack.

One item that spans all three bands is a Marshall JTM45 amp head with a 4 X 12 cabinet that Hoppus used during the early 2000s. "It's a great guitar amplifier," he states of the piece.

An Orange amp head with a 4x12 cabinet used on the entire +44 album is included in this sale. "Basically the main lead guitar tone across the entire +44 album is this amp and cabinet set up," Hoppus says.

He's also added a Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S8-DJ control deck. "If you're into DJing, this DJ control deck is incredible," Hoppus says. "I used it at Emo Nites, I used it at Taste of Chaos in 2016, I used it in my studio, and right here in my bedroom… actually, not my bedroom, my wife would never allow that. But check it out, because it's a great DJ controller."

You'll also find a Bogner Uberschall amp head with a 4x12 cabinet. "If you want a dope heavy guitar sound, the Bogner Uberschall is amazing," Hoppus says. "It cuts through like a werewolf, it has a beautiful clean channel, and its distorted channel is all kinds of hell unleashed on the world."

Another highlight of this sale is the two sE electronics SPACE Reflection Filters, which Hoppus recommends for small studio spaces or for on-the-go recording of vocals or demos. "You can set one up in a dressing room or in a small studio space—it is perfect for isolating that voice," Hoppus says.

Those interested in adding to their own gear for playing or just picking up a piece of Hoppus' musical history can also sift through the shop for drum machines, keyboards, amps and more. Get a closer look with Hoppus' teaser video below and preview some of the items here.

The Mark Hoppus Reverb Shop opens its latest gear sale on April 21, but for now preview the items and sign up for notifications here.

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