Since his exit from Megadeth back in 2000, guitarist Marty Friedman has released several solo albums and had a lot of success in Japan, where he now lives. He was part of the band's iconic Rust in Peace album, and every time there's a guitarist vacancy in Megadeth, Friedman's name comes up.

That was the case until yesterday (April 2) when Angra guitarist Kiko Loureiro was officially named the replacement for departing axe-man Chris Broderick. But in a recent interview with Chile's Radio Cooperativa that was conducted before that announcement, Friedman talked about his current status and relationship with the band's frontman Dave Mustaine.

When asked whether he would be rejoining Megadeth, Friedman said (transcription via Blabbermouth), "Well, I'm not in the band [laughs], and I don't plan to be in the band. But I'll tell you this: I'm very, very good friends with all of the band members, and I love them like brothers, and I'm supporting them. Maybe some day, but I wouldn't get excited about it."

In the years since he's left the band, Friedman says there have been attempts to get him to rejoin Megadeth: "There has been, there has been, but there's really no reason for me to rejoin the band right now, or anytime, really. If there's a reason to join the band, I would consider it, but just because there's a member out of the band, that's not enough of a reason for me to join. You need a better reason than that."

Friedman says he and Mustaine have been talking quite a bit in the past few months and that they are still good friends. He says he never found Mustaine difficult to work with. "I've been good friends with Mustaine forever," Friedman says. "I have no problems with him. But he talks really funny sometimes. He's not difficult for me. I mean, we got along for ten years, when I was in the band, just great, and we have no problems. So I wouldn't say he's difficult at all."

Megadeth are currently working on a new album, and it also was recently confirmed that Lamb of God‘s Chris Adler is recording the drums. It is still unclear if Loureiro will be recording with the band in the studio or if Dave Mustaine will be handling all of the guitar parts.

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