The Mastodon Record Store Day split release with Feist, lovingly dubbed 'Feistodon,' is no longer relegated to a super rare and limited item that was issued on one day. The metal behemoths and the female indie rocker released a split, in which this odd pairing covered one another's songs. Only 5,000 copies were pressed and they sold out in a hot minute, understandably so. But we've got good news for fans of both acts. Digital versions of the singles are now available here. But wait, there's more!

Here's a rundown: Mastodon covered Feist's 'A Commotion' while she covered their 'Black Tongue.' Thankfully, the brilliance and the sonic fun didn't stop there.

These fine, upstanding, ahead-of-the-curve musicians (and their digital teams) have released an interactive version of 'A Commotion.' Both Feist's original version and Mastodon's cover are paired in the widget below. You can participate in the fun by dragging the mixer button back and forth between each version or listen to a mashup of the two. It's like you can create your own customized listening experience.

Pretty cool, huh? Oh, the miracle of modern technology!

Listen to Mastodon-Feist Mashup
Listen to Feist Cover Mastodon
Listen to Mastodon Cover Feist