The video for Mastodon's current single 'Curl of the Burl' has just premiered and it's an epic clip. The video combines horror scenes, drugs, surrealism, lumberjacks and hot forest nymphs in Daisy Dukes -- basically everything you can ask for in a music video and more.

The clip, a live-action animation video of sorts, starts out with a chainsaw-wielding dude in the woods who makes his way to his shack. There, he does lines of an unidentifiable drug that give him extra hands.

The scene then switches to a lumberjack in the woods who eventually is surrounded by a bunch of scantily clad babes. We'll let you see the semi-NSFW ending for yourself.

In fact, there are no words to truly describe this video, so we suggest you watch the entire clip below. The video was directed by Robert Schober and based on an idea by Mastodon drummer Brann Dailor.

'Curl of the Burl' is the current single off Mastodon's upcoming album, 'The Hunter' which drops Sept. 27. Check out our song review for 'Curl of the Burl' here.

Watch the Mastodon 'Curl of the Burl' Video