Mastodon have unleashed a video for 'Dry Bone Valley,' the second official single off their fifth album, last year's 'The Hunter.' The video was directed by Tim Biskup, a visual artist best known for his work in the so-called lowbrow pop-surrealist genre who has mostly worked with the silkscreening and textile production.

Biskup -- who also once designed this Mastodon hoodie for his "old pals" -- delivers a visual tour de force with the 'Dry Bone' clip, a nonstop collage of animation, trippy line drawings and religious and occult imagery hurtling constantly at the viewer at a speed that approximately matches the tempo of the song. It's a freaking rad clip!

Mastodon's Troy Sanders recently confirmed plans to embark on a North American tour with Opeth and Ghost, although specifics such as when it will take place and where it will stop along the way have not been announced. Expect the trek to happen sometime after their February and March run with the Soundwave festival in Australia and before they return to Europe for summer festival season around June.

In other news, Mastodon celebrated their 12th anniversary recently. According to a post on the band's official website: "On January 13th, in the year 2000, Brent, Brann, Bill and Troy went to a practice space and made some noise.... later that night they talked about band names and Mastodon stuck. Happy 12th anniversary!!"

And here's to wishing them at least 12 more great ones!

Watch the Mastodon 'Dry Bone Valley' Video