Mastodon's new album, Emperor of Sand, is almost here! With "Sultan's Curse" and "Show Yourself" already out, representing two wildly sides of the band, they've thrown another curveball with the new track "Andromeda," which has a bit of everything from Mastodon's dynamic sonic palette.

"Andromeda" is the first song off the new record that is featured on the back half of the album. It's no surprise the track spans a variety of sounds from watery, echo-drenched guitar passages against more psychedelic moments to the aggressive, behemoth riff that kicks off the song. The band utilizes their Cerberus-styled vocal threat with aplomb as Troy Sanders' gritty voice takes on the heavier moments, Brann Dailor's silky pipes glide over the calm, ethereal parts and Brent Hinds shrieks close out the song with some chaos on a part that is highly reminiscent of Dailor and Bill Kelliher's involvement in Today Is the Day prior to forming Mastodon.

Emperor of Sand is like the grim reaper,” said drummer Dailor. “Sand represents time. If you or anyone you know has ever received a terminal diagnosis, the first thought is about time. Invariably, you ask, ‘How much time is left?'” Bassist / vocalist Sanders added, “We’re reflecting on mortality. To that end, the album ties into our entire discography. It’s 17 years in the making, but it’s also a direct reaction to the last two years. We tend to draw inspiration from very real things in our lives.”

Emperor of Sand will be released on March 31 on Reprise records and pre-orders can be placed in all formats at the band's website. Catch Mastodon on tour starting April 14 with a list of all stops found at our 2017 Guide to Rock + Metal Tours.

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