Yes!!! Mastodon have finally given us a taste of their upcoming seventh studio album! The teaser comes with a 360-degree view of a piece of artwork fans can explore on Mastodon’s website.

Mastodon’s new tune sounds like a piece of riffage heaven. So far there’s no song title, album title or release date available, but we’ve perhaps gotten the album or single’s artwork. The 360-degree feature invites fans to explore a barren hellscape guarded by a not-too-pleasant demon king. The piece was created by Alan Brown, whose artwork oozes that tripped out Mastodon quality seen in the band’s spectacular artwork throughout their career.

The 21st century metal phenoms showcase that classic Mastodon style in this song snippet. A shimmering and farfetched guitar part transitions beautifully into an incredibly catchy and solid lead. Brann Dailor’s colossal drum fills cut like a hot knife through the mix, so it’s exactly what you want from the Georgia four-piece, as evidenced by fan reaction on Mastodon’s Facebook page.

Stop what you’re doing and click here to listen to new Mastodon goodness! New Mastodon is coming soon, so stay tuned to Loudwire for when the band finally drops a full song!

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