Where is the mystery in rock and metal? At least one band is having fun with keeping the details of their next album under wraps in a rather unique and hilarious way. Check out the teaser above in which a Mastodon band member whose identity is hidden and vocally masked shares a lot of information, yet no information at all concerning the next album.

"I'm not at liberty to say who I am or what I'm doing here," starts the disguised voice before we see the figure (which appears to be drummer Brann Dailor) with his face blacked out as well. When the off screen interviewer asks what the band is working on, the dark figure responds, "I can't talk about it -- recording music, different kinds of music, world music, heavy metal, R&B, Celtic music, music to dance to, music to sit down to, music to do yoga, music to do all kinds of different exercises to, things like that, but I can't tell you any of the names of the songs or what the songs sound like." The clip ends with the subject talking in circles around a number of questions before getting nervous and shutting down the interview with a caption popping up stating "Coming Soon."

In our chat with Dailor late last year, the drummer did reveal that there is a story that ties into the album with cancer playing a big part in a journey through the desert. There has also been talk of the band issuing the new disc this spring, though an official street date has yet to be confirmed. During a visit with Brent Hinds at NAMM this weekend, he offered his own unique response to the album question, which we'll be posting shortly.

One thing we do know for sure about Mastodon's 2017 plans is their intent to tour. The band recently announced dates with Eagles of Death Metal and Russian Circles. Learn more about that here.

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