Mastodon bassist Troy Sanders has delivered some humorous promos as a pitchman for Orange Amplifiers over the years, but for the second time in a row he's welcomed his brother Kyle Sanders of Hellyeah in on the fun.

In their previous spot, the brothers had a super competitive bass-off while displaying the nature of the amps, but in their new promo the siblings co-host their own outdoor demo / talk show.

The clip starts with the brothers hanging out at their "outdoor studio" before an out-of-breath Orange rep named Alexxx arrives to demonstrate the 25, 50 and 100-watt amps. But the brothers don't seem to interested in his jibber-jabber and shut him down in favor of taking a series of nonsensical phone calls that include a confused contest winner, a heavy breather with a fascination for a shirtless Kyle and more. Once a legitimate question is asked, Troy reveals that their time is up. Fortunately for you, your time is not up to pick up an Orange Bass Amplifier in either 25 watt, 50 watt or 100 watt options.

Troy Sanders will have a chance to utilize his Orange Amps in 2017 as both Gone Is Gone and Mastodon are expected to have new albums. Kyle Sanders, meanwhile, has spent much of 2016 touring with Hellyeah in support of their Unden!able album. Keep up with their touring here and stay tuned for touring news on Mastodon and Gone Is Gone as it is revealed.

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