With this year's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction day now upon us, we’ve heard from quite a few of the past and present Guns N’ Roses members including Axl Rose, Slash, Duff McKagan, Steven Adler and Izzy Stradlin on why they will or will not be in attendance. Now, former GN’R drummer Matt Sorum is weighing in with what he thinks could have helped sway Rose and Stradlin to attend the festivities.

Sorum told Artisan News that he thought that someone should have reached out to Rose personally, but he didn’t feel like he was the right person to do so. He says he mentioned it to both McKagan and Slash, but neither took him up on the idea. Sorum explained, “It’s cool that I’m going to be there. I told Duff, ‘One of you guys should call Axl,’ I know Duff played with him. ‘Why don’t you call him.’ Then I talked to Slash. I can’t call him. I’m way down the ladder, I’m like maybe right where Dizzy [Reed] is, maybe just a little above, I’m not sure. [laughs] I said 'Slash, why don’t you call Izzy and then you call Axl,' but it didn’t happen I guess.”

So with Rose and Stradlin passing on today's honors, Sorum will still be attending. He explained, “I’m just going to go. I would be happy to be eating my steak, or whatever they’re going to feed me and watching [the other guys play]. I'd rather hand the sticks to Stevie [Adler, ex-GN'R drummer], actually. I'm cool with that. Hey, you know…I'll go play cowbell or tambourine… I'll sing the harmonies.”

The amiable Sorum even joked about helping out one of the other artists being inducted, saying, “I offered my services to Donovan, the folk singer who's getting inducted. 'Hey, I don't think I'll be playing with these guys, so…'”

So at last count, Slash, McKagan, Adler and Sorum will be on hand for the ceremony later today representing Guns N'Roses, with Green Day delivering the induction speech.

Watch Matt Sorum's Interview With Artisan News