The mono-dreadlock is no more, and Soulfly frontman Max Cavalera reveals that he feels "liberated" having cut off his signature dread. The vocalist addressed the topic on Australia's Triple M Rock (heard below), revealing that he was surprised by the response.

Max revealed the move earlier this month on Instagram, as his wife and manager Gloria Cavalera is shown next to the musician holding the newly shorn 23-year-old mono-dread.

"It was kind of crazy. I wasn't expecting that reaction. In fact, when I decided to cut it, it was kind of out of the blue," explained Cavalera. "I woke up one day and I told my wife, 'I think I wanna cut my dreads.' And she was very surprised, 'cause it's been with me for 23 years. She [was, like], 'Really? Seriously?' And I was, like, 'Yeah, it's bugging me. It's very heavy. I kind of feel like I need something new, something fresh in my life.' So we just did it."

The singer recalled, "It was a Sunday afternoon at my house. We were having a family dinner. I just went in the backyard and she had a pair of scissors, and [I said], 'Cut it off. Just cut it off. Let's not make a big deal.' But she took a picture and posted the picture. And that was a problem. That was where the shit hit the fan. [Laughs]"

The Soulfly vocalist says he was surprised by the immediate reaction. "My son called me. He was, like, 'You're number one on Google News.' I don't even know what that is. I was, like, 'What the fuck is that?' I think [Gloria] wants to frame it and put it on the wall in the house and then do something with it eventually in the future. Those are manager things that I don't get involved with, manager decisions. [Laughs]"

Now loose from the lock, Cavalera says, "I tell you what, man — it feels great not having that thing around. It was good, but it had its time. It was time to go; it was time to move on. I feel like I've been liberated from the dread. It was very heavy, man, and it was really long — it was all the way to my ass."

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