Max Cavalera and his brother Igor have revisited the classic Sepultura album Roots over the past year even though neither sibling is still in the band. And while Max has repeatedly shot down the idea of a reunion with his onetime group, he admits in a new interview that if it were to happen, it "would be great."

Speaking with Metalpaths TV, the current Soulfly and Cavalera Conspiracy leader was asked if he ever received a phone call from onetime Sepultura bandmate, guitarist Andreas Kisser, about doing a classic reunion. He responded (in the video seen above), "Yeah, if it was done the right way, it would be great, but right now, I don't even think we need it, because I think this [Return To Roots] tour kind of proved to the fans that they don't even care if it's all [members of the classic Sepultura lineup]. I think they just… they like [to see] me and Igor [playing together]."

He continued, "Most of the fans just wanna see me and Igor — so I think… I almost think that this is the reunion, as far as I'm concerned and as far as a lot of fans are concerned. But, you know, if eventually that day comes that [Andreas] says that… I don't think that's gonna happen, because I know him. [Laughs] But if it does, yeah, of course, we would do a proper reunion tour, you know."

Cavalera exited the band in 1996 after the group fired his wife Gloria as their manager. He's gone on to have a successful career heading up Soulfly and working with such acts as Cavalera Conspiracy and Killer Be Killed. Max's brother Igor left his spot behind Sepultura's drumkit a decade later in 2006 citing artistic differences. The sibling musicians have since rocked together in Cavalera Conspiracy.

As for Sepultura, they have continued to release music minus Cavalera, with Derrick Green handling vocals starting with 1998's Against album. Their latest disc, Machine Messiah, is expected to drop on Jan. 13.

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